Policies & Procedures

Here at Beechwood Baptist Church, we make the safety of you and your loved ones a top priority. We are constantly evaluating and adding to our policies and procedures as we see fit to ensure a happy, healthy, and vibrant climate for worship of our Lord. If you have any questions, concerns, or recommendations, please feel free to contact us (please see the contact us tab for details). 

  • CoVID-19

    • After prayerful consideration, the church has decided to continue with in-person worship. We understand that given the nature of the COVID-19 crisis that the in-person option may not be conducive for everyone.  
    • If you have any reservations or if someone you know is medically susceptible, please feel free to join us online. 
    • Please continue to watch the church's Facebook and website for up-to-date information concerning our ministries. 
    • Stay safe and please remember to wear a mask before entering the building. 

  • Inclement Weather

    • Sunday Morning & Evening Services will be announced on WHAS, WAVE, WDRB or WKLY television stations. 
    • Wednesday Night Prayer Service will be cancelled if JCPS is cancelled. A delayed schedule with the schools will NOT affect Wednesday or Thursday church activities. 
  • Children's Ministry

    • Your child's physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being is of the upmost importance to us. Our childcare workers are equipped with the training and resources needed to oversee an environment wherein your child can thrive and learn about Jesus.