Our Snapshot

Two words stand out clearly in the history of this church.  One is "Faith." In a very real sense, the life of the church has been from "Faith" unto "Faith." The second word which is so representative of the life of the church is "Mercy."  God has wrought mercifully in our midst. It is especially significant, therefore, that the first sermon preached to a group meeting in Stivers School on November 16, 1952, was a sermon on "Faith." The "Mercy" of God could  be trusted for an initial meeting place, and it was under His leadership that the Orvill J. Stivers School on Westport Road was secured for the group. Dr. W. C. Boone, Executive Secretary of Kentucky Baptists, delivered that message to a group gathered in the school in interest of the proposed church.  Regular preaching services were held for the first time on November 30, 1952.  The first full time program was inaugurated on December 7, 1952. There were 26 people present in Sunday School, 16 in Training Union, 45 in the morning worship service, and 22 in the evening service. 

Today, there have been many generations and changes within Beechwood but those two words of "Mercy" and "Faith" still hold true. The congregation is looking forward into the 21st century with "Faith" to see the mission of the founding members carried out. With your help, spiritual gift(s), and participation we can accomplish what Christ calls us to do, and that is to preach/teach the Gospel.

As we move forward we look to:

-Commit to Missions

-Commit to Membership

-Commit to Maturity

-Commit to Ministry


There are a variety of ways to involve yourself on those four processes.

Within the doors of Beechwood there is always, "a place for you."